CNN’s Lemon: ‘The President Of The United States Is Racist — A Lot Of Us Already Knew That’

Thursday on “CNN Tonight,” have Don Lemon mocked President Donald Trump, announcing him a “bigot” for the comments he made portraying certain nations as “shitholes” that were spilled and handed-off by a Washington Post report.


“The leader of the United States is bigot,” Lemon declared. “A considerable measure of us definitely realized that.”

“I need to concede, I was not stunned that Donald Trump allegedly called the lion’s share of dark and Hispanic nations or mainlands ‘shitholes,'” he proceeded. “I wasn’t stunned. I’m extremely not insulted by it. I’m burnt out on being insulted, indeed. I’ve been shocked too often. It’s more imperative to be vital than to be offended … Otherwise, it turns into a sky-is-falling circumstance each time he says something imbecilic or dumb or bigot.”

Source: Breitbart