CNN’s Acosta: Trump ‘Seems To Harbor Racist Feelings’

On Thursday’s communicated of CNN’s “Circumstance Room,” CNN Chief White House Correspondent do said President Trump “appears to harbor bigot sentiments about ethnic minorities, from different parts of the world” in light of the Washington Post’s anecdote about the president alluding to Haiti, El Salvador, and nations in Africa as “sh*thole” nations.

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In the wake of perusing the announcement the White House issued in light of the story, Acosta stated, “Wolf, as should be obvious from that announcement, there’s no refusal with respect to what the president said. They’re not denying that the president said this, in this announcement. As, we’re simply must press the White House facilitate on this.”

He later included, “I nearly need to recall the day when we were at Trump Tower, when the president was remarking on Charlottesville, and he was stating that there were ‘fine individuals on the two sides,’ saying that there were ‘fine individuals’ among the racial oppressors and the Nazis, is that the leader of the United States just appears to have an issue here, Wolf, around there. What’s more, we can tiptoe around it, we can move around it, and not by any stretch of the imagination put our finger on it, however the president appears to harbor bigot emotions about non-white individuals, from different parts of the world. Also, it’s only a ghastly thing to have left your mouth as a White House reporter, or as a writer. In any case, if these remarks are exact, Wolf, I think it simply will cause more harm, more grave harm to this administration since it slices to the very center of his identity. You just shouldn’t allude to nations like that around the globe in this way. In the United States, as we’ve been discussing numerous, multiple occassions in the course of the most recent a while, we get individuals from all parts of the world, and clearly, there are great, superb individuals who originate from Haiti and from Africa et cetera.”

Source: Breitbart