BREAKING: Rosie O’Donnell Demands Barron Trump Be ARRESTED INSTANNTLY

Rosie O’Donnell detests Donald Trump so much that she has depended on assaulting his youngsters just to improve herself feel. This week, Rosie supposedly felt so “activated” by a Twitter post of Donald Trump Jr’s. that she continued to dispatch a disgusting assault on him and his “infant sibling” Barron.

Tragically for Rosie, in any case, Twitter clients quickly made it clear that they are tired of seeing her assault the Trump family.

Right Wing News revealed that it began when Donald Jr. posted a photograph of himself wearing a T-shirt that derides liberals’ fixation on “fake news,” which they name any report that depicts the president decidedly.


This unmistakably activated Rosie, as she let go back with a tirade calling for Donald Jr. furthermore, his “infant sibling” to be sent to jail. Barron is just 11 years of age, and it ought to be noticed that Rosie has already asserted that he is extremely introverted.





Spurce: Truth Monitor