WATCH – Mother Chased Her Own Child From The House, For Supporting Trump

Just because your kid thinks difrently it gives you no right to yell at them or even worse make them leave the house.Well in this case this just happend.

Its not the first this happening. But this time caught on tape Yelling : We dont do trump here,now get your suitecase. Bye The Loving mother threatend her own child.

The poor little boy was fealing helpless and betrayed as he cried and packed his suitcase like his mother demanded !

This video has been making the rounds on the web for some time, however the prevailing press have totally overlooked this stunning story.

“Since you voted in favor of Donald Trump, you can get your s**t and get out,” the lady almost shouts at her tyke. The kid evidently cast a vote for the president amid a deride race at his grade school.

A vote composed on development paper with colored pencil brought on this? What might this mother have done if her child was really throwing his first genuine tally and set out to fill in the square by our now president’s name?

“In actuality, get your sign (Donald Trump sign, presumably), so when individuals see you emerging there, they know why,” the mother kept raving. Where is this present kid’s dad? The kid required assurance from the creature who brought forth him, yet no cause ever arrived at put a firm stop to the manhandle.

This poor child didn’t get the opportunity to eat before being thrown out in the city! To what extent did she forget him there? Nobody knows

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