NEWS Breaking: Muslim Security Breach Shocks America…National Secrets EXPOSED! Horrifying!

Clutch your cap; there’s new defilement leaving Capitol Hill.

What’s more, this one, shockingly enough, doesn’t have anything to do with a Democratic congressman not paying his expenses (would you be able to state Rep. Charlie Rangel?) or a Republican representative battling off a sex outrage fixing to a prostitution ring (would you be able to state David Vitter?).

No, this one just needs to do with Muslim invasion of a congressional office.

Yes, you probably recall that story from a few weeks ago, which – in and of itself – was shocking enough. That’s a major breach of security and one that could’ve had far worse repercussions, that’s for damn sure.

After, we were happy to see the White House apparently beefing up security, which is absolutely critical.

Watch this video!

Presently, another revelation: That trio of congressional staff members who worked in data innovation and hailed from Pakistan – Imran Awan and his siblings Abid and Jamal – were discovered taking $100,000 from an Iraqi government official.

The three have given IT administrations since 2005 to Florida Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and furthermore worked for many other House Democrats, including the individuals who served on knowledge boards of trustees.

That implies they had entry to touchy reports and they’re presently under scrutiny by the U.S. State house Police.

Furthermore, the stolen 100K is just the tip of the ice sheet…

“Specialists found that congressional data was being duplicated to an off-site server and they speculate the siblings of shamefully getting to data and taking congressional property,” The Daily Caller announced.

See, this is not kidding business, people.